See the detail log

This section describes the operations for viewing the detailed authentication log.

Operation Procedure

Select Authentication Service > Log from the menu.

  1. Enter a search field to search the log.

    For information on how to search the log, see Search the log.

  2. Click the detail icon of the log you want to view from the log list. detail log
  3. Confirm what is displayed in the log details. detail log

Log contents

  • Date
    Displays the date and time of log writing.

  • Info level
    Displays the information type.

    Value Contents Remarks
    Warning Warning Operations that may pose a security problem
    In Start using the PC Operations to start using the PC
    Out End of PC use Operations related to terminating the use of a PC
    Info Other information Other operations considered to be within the scope of normal use
    Unknown Unknown Unintended behavior of the program
  • Operation
    Displays the operations that have been performed.

    Value Contents Info level
    ServiceStarted Starting background services Info
    ServiceStopped End of background service Info
    Suspend Suspend PC Info
    Resume PC Resume Info
    Logon Windows logon In
    Logoff Windows logoff Out
    ScreenLock Windows screen lock Out
    ScreenUnlock Windows screen unlock In
    ServerAuthSucceeded FIDO server authentication succeeded Info
    ServerAuthFailed FIDO server authentication failure Warning
    CacheAuthSucceeded Successful FIDO cache authentication Info
    CacheAuthFailed FIDO cache authentication failure Warning
    EmergencyLogonSuccessed Emergency logon successful Warning
    EmergencyLogonFailed Emergency logon failure Warning
    AuthSucceeded Authentication success Info
    AuthFailed Authentication failure Warning
    FailureLockout PC Lockout Warning
    AuthenticatorUnmounted authentication device removal Info
    ResetAllData All data reset Warning
    Unknown Unknown Unknown
  • Credential
    Displays the CredentialID used during FIDO authentication. (Operation during FIDO authentication only)

  • Location information
    Location information obtained (only if available)
    Click the icon to display the location information.

  • IP address
    IP address will be displayed. (Only if you were able to obtain one)