About CLI tool

This section explains how to use the CLI (Command Line Interface) tool.

CLI tool Overview

In order to efficiently install YubiOn FIDO Logon under organizational management such as Active Directory environment, we provide CLI commands in the client software.
After installation, “FlsCliTool.exe” located in the directory “C:\Program Files\YubiOn\Fls\FlsCliTool” is the executable file of the command.

To use the CLI tool, the client software must be version or later.

Basic syntax

The basic format for using the CLI tool at the command prompt is as follows.
The argument passing follows the general command argument passing method of the Windows command prompt (or PowerShell, etc.).

FlsCliTool.exe [command] [options...]
  • command
    Describe the process to be executed by the CLI tool.

  • options
    Describe the options required for each command.

Command list

Command Client Software Version Execution details
register or later Set the registration code and make YubiOn FIDO Logon ready for use.
help - Displays how to use the command.

If there is no matching command, the help command is executed.

List of Exit Codes

The exit code returned when the command is executed is as follows

Exit code Content
0 Success
1 Parameter error
2 Administrative privileges required
3 Service is not running
4 License expiration
5 Number of licenses exceeded
6 Registration code error
7 Device information has been deleted.
8 Server communication error
10 Already registered error
129 Not connected to AD
130 AD server communication error

The method of obtaining the exit code depends on the environment (command prompt/PowerShell) in which it is executed.