Batch registration of domain accounts

This section describes the procedure for batch registration of domain accounts.

Preliminary Preparation

You will need to obtain a CSV file of the domain account to be used for batch registration.

  1. Start a command prompt on the domain server.

  2. Enter and execute the following command.
    csvde -u -f userlist.csv -r objectCategory=user

  3. Get the CSV file output to the execution directory.

Operating Procedure

Select Authentication Services > Account from the menu.

  1. Select “Domain” for the account type.
    Only in the case of “Domain”, an icon for batch account registration will appear.

  2. Click on the batch domain account registration icon in the upper right corner of the list.
    The domain account batch registration modal will appear. Account

  3. Select the CSV file obtained in the Preliminary Preparation.
    You can also select CSV files by opening the file selection dialog from the “Select File” button,
    or by dragging and dropping CSV files into the blue area.

    If there are no problems with the contents of the CSV file, the imported information is displayed in the list.
    All the contents displayed in the list are the account information to be registered.

Choose file

  1. Confirm that no errors are displayed and click the “Update” button. Batch registration

  2. Click the “OK” button in the confirmation message.
    The registered domain account information is added to the account list.