What’s YubiOn FIDO Logon?

This is a cloud solution that uses the latest authentication technology, FIDO, to enhance security when logging on to PCs.
Security measures can be implemented with a simple setup.

What is FIDO?
FIDOļ¼Fast IDentity Online. ‘FIDO Alliance’ is developing a new standard for online authentication that does not rely on passwords.

Service Composition

Service Composition

YubiOn FIDO Logon Client
Client software for YubiOn FIDO Logon.
Install the software on the customer’s PC and provide initial settings with configuration tools and Windows logon services.

Client Software

  • Windows logon: Allows users to log on using an authenticator.
  • Settings tool: Register authenticators and proxy settings for each account.
  • background service: It performs data communication with the server in the background, such as retrieving settings and sending logs.

YubiOn FIDO Logon Server
A set of servers for YubiOn FIDO Logon, providing a web administration site.

YubiOn FIDO2 Server
A server that performs authentication for FIDO authenticators.

About network connection
The server and client communicate with each other when initializing the client software and reflecting the information set in the web management site to the PC.
When communicating, the PC must be able to connect to the server.
About network communication restrictions
If you are in an environment where network communication is restricted, please set all communication for the following host names and port numbers to be allowed.
Hostname :
Port : 443