Before Started

About authenticators

YubiOn FIDO Logon uses FIDO2 compatible USB authenticators.
Please prepare a FIDO-compliant authenticator in advance of use.

Available authenticators

Authentication devices certified by FIDO Alliance are available.
The latest FIDO certification information can be found at the following link.
FIDO Alliance FIDO®

Our tested authenticators

Vendor Product name Remarks
Yubico Inc. YubiKey 5 Series
Yubico Inc. Security Key Series
GoTrust Inc. Idem Key There are a few restrictions in password cache function.
AuthenTrend Inc. ATKey.Pro
FEITIAN Inc. ePass FIDO-NFC K9 There are a few restrictions in password cache function.

*The authenticator can can be purchased from the Amazon website.

Restrictions on some authenticators
If you use GoTrust’s Idem Key, the password cache will be lost if the power to the authenticator is stopped, such as by unplugging it from the USB port or turning off the PC.
If you use FEITIAN’s ePassFIDO-NFC K9, the password cache is not available when you register authenticator from web management site on Windows terminal.