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SOFTGIKEN Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “the company”) uses cookies for the purpose of jointly using the customer's usage on the website, analyzing, or providing customized services to individual customers. We will use it to collect certain information.

What is a cookie

Cookie is a function to store your website browsing information on your terminal (PC, smartphone, tablet, etc.). Cookie information can not identify your personal information.

There are two types of cookies: those that are provided to take advantage of the functionality provided on our website and services, and those that are set by third parties that work with us. Customers can refuse cookies through browser settings, but if they are rejected, please be aware that some services may not be available.

Cookie usage purpose

(1) Improving convenience

We use cookies to provide content in the country and language that is best for you based on the country and language that you have visited in the past.

(2) Use situation grasp, service improvement examination

This site analyzes the site usage status (access status, traffic, routing, etc.) using information collected using cookies, improves the performance of the website itself, and improves the services provided by the company It may be used for improvement. This analysis uses Google Analytics from Google.

You can find out how Google Analytics collects and processes data from this page provided by Google.

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How to reject cookies

(1) How to reject all cookies

You can disable all cookies by changing your browser settings.

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(2) How to reject cookies issued by third parties

Please contact each company for the method to stop the information provision to the third party. You can also check from the URL of the main service provider of the partner listed below. However, please be aware that if you delete all of these cookie information, you may be restricted when using the products and services provided by each company.

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Contact us about Cookie Policy

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Effective July 5, 2019